The European Pensioner Party Association was created due to the support of Ukrainian Party of Pensioners

In period since 8th – till 12th May 2015 in Croatia were kept arrangements about a single representative body of pensioners – the European Pensioner Party association (EPPA). The initiator of the creation became Croatian Pensioner Party and its head – Lazar Gruyich...

On the 9th of May 2015 in Samobor (Croatia) was held a founding meeting of pensioner parties of Ukraine, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the decision to create single European body for pensioner’s defense and care – European Pensioner Party association (EPPA), the tasks of which is the defense of rights and interests of pensioners in Europe.

By the decision of the meeting, the Ukrainian Pensioner Party became one of those four founders of European Pensioner Party Association.

The foundation of EPPA is also maintains by another pensioner party organization from Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia and Luxembourg. The participants of the association took a charter about organizational issues and defined main directions of work for the current year.

Ukrainian delegation chaired by M.M.Kukurika informed about primary problems of Ukrainian pensioners on the congress. The leader also mentioned about difficult conditions of those pensioners who are suffering from the war actions on eastern Ukraine, who had to leave occupied territories of Lugansk and Donetsk regions, who became refugees in their own country. Besides, the objective data about number of military intervention victims was mentioned, number of perished soldiers in ATO area. With the aim to defend Ukraine and support its tendency into European future and real economic, social and legal affiliation to the European society, the head of the party asked EPPA to incorporate.

The second part of the Croatia visit was devoted to the business meeting of the leader of the UPP – M.M.Kukurika and the President of Zagreb chamber of economy Dr.Zlatan Frohlich. The meeting was held in Zagreb on 11th of May 2015. The conversation was focused on economic relationships between two countries. The participants of the meeting reciprocally signified the interest of business connection strengthened between Ukrainian and Croatian firms, that can

be achieved through dynamical work of both countries. Also the theme about trade and industry chambers of Kyiv and Zagreb cooperation was involved into the discussion. There appeared a proposition to exchange with the information about current legal, trade tendencies and Croatian building companies organization, in aim to receive the experience of reconstruction and restoration of war-suffered regions in Ukraine.

As a whole, during all the meetings an active position of Ukrainian Pensioner Party was supported by international connection of different European countries.

Ukrainian Pensioner Party’s Press-service

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