The Program of the Ukrainian Party of Pensioners

The Ukrainian Party of Pensioners (the UPP) - a voluntary political association of citizens of Ukraine, retirees, veterans of labor and the Great Patriotic War, the disabled and disadvantaged groups.

Party of Ukrainian Party of Pensioners considers the task of providing real support pensioners Ukraine in realization of their social rights and freedoms.

The main purpose of the UPP is:

1.    Creation of a just democratic society, prosperity and welfare of the citizens of the state;

2.    Facilitation of the development of an effective national economy, civilized social relations;

3.    Implementation of an effective social security system and ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of the most vulnerable people.

4.    Mobilization of all the forces of society for the eradication of poverty as a social phenomenon;

5.    Attracting the older generation to the state policy, the formation of government for local and regional self-government.

The political course. Ideological bases

The party realizes the level of its responsibility for Ukrainians destinies. That is why it works:

-    against clan-oligarchic methods of defending individual selfish or narrow corporate interests;

-    for equality for all members of society before the law and the rule of law in all spheres of social activity;

-    against accelerated, unacceptable and dangerous material stratification of society, increasing economic gap between the small number of rich and totally poorer mass of the people;

-    for strict state control over the prices of basic consumer goods.

The Ukrainian Party of Pensioners supports the current Constitution of Ukraine, based on an understanding of democracy as a reliable political mechanism to balance and harmonize the interests of different social, ethnic, professional, cultural, religious, territorial groups.

Key ideological marks of the party:

-    independence and sovereignty;

-    pragmatism and freedom in politics and economics;

-    real patriotism;

-    national solidarity;

-    social protection of those who need it.

We have a large number of party members and rich experience, based on the authority, wisdom and power of the Ukrainian nation state. No one can come to power without the support of ordinary people. We are the source of power. The party is open to middle-aged generation and young people, for those who care about justice of parents and grandparents, who takes care of tomorrow, to those for whom honor and conscience are not things of the past.

Social Policy

The main goal of social policy of Ukrainian Party of Pensioners is the creation of an independent, fair and social society. During its implementation the Party considers the creation of the welfare state as one of the priorities.

The main priority of social policy of the Party is the man. We are for the construction of such a state system in which the State is responsible for a decent life and free development of every member of society.

The main priorities of the social policy of the Party are:

-    formation of Ukrainian civil society, well-being and high quality of life, social and national unity, solidarity and partnership;

-    implementation of the economic and legal guarantees for realization of the inherent right of everybody to achieve special welfare by everybody’s own work and knowledge;

-    the development of a social market economy, creating the conditions, the formation of the national labor market and consumption;

-    formation of a reliable and effective system of social protection for the most vulnerable population.

National Policy

The aim of national policy of the Party - is full cooperation to the establishment and development of the Ukrainian as a Fatherland of all citizens who connected their destinies with Ukraine, its land, economy, culture and the state.

Youth policy

Ukrainian Party of Pensioners understands that the future of any country - is its youth. On its physical and moral health, energy, capacities depends the fate of our country. The creation of a strong, confident in the future Ukraine is impossible without the active and pragmatic young generation.

The party carries out a range of measures to create favorable conditions for the formation of conscious and youth generation, prevention of negative phenomena among youth, targeting young people to self-determination and self-realization.

Humanitarian Policy

One of the important activities of the Ukrainian Party of Pensioners is renovated humanitarian policy.

The main content of the national idea of Ukraine is building of a sovereign, legal, democratic state in which labor, knowledge, man’s talent will create conditions for self-realization to each individual.

The Ukrainian Party of Pensioners considers the increasing of the share of national income, which is directed to the education, science and culture as the primary objectives of humanitarian policy.

The Ukrainian Party of Pensioners respects the feelings of believers, supports religious freedom of citizens. The social consensus should be based on non-interference into national and inter-denominational church affairs, equal treatment of all canonical religions, respect for traditional Ukrainian beliefs, promotion the consolidation of orthodoxy. We believe that the participation of the church in social and political processes can be carried out in areas such as social integration, approve the ideals of democracy and humanism, respect and tolerance for different views, feelings and beliefs, promoting traditions, culture, Ukrainian language, the movement for the environment, the issue of mercy, charity and social security.

Environmental policy

One of the parts of the political and economic course of the Ukrainian Party of Pensioners is ecological values. The Party favors for ecological recovery of Ukraine as for the most important part in solving problems of preserving the gene pool of the Ukrainian people.

An important part of environmental policy should be specific measures aimed on reducing of pollution of water sources, air, conservation and protection of forests, combating land degradation.

Foreign policy and national security

The Ukrainian Party of Pensioners considers national security as a system of political, economic, social, legal, informational, cultural, ideological, environmental, military actions and remedies of vital interests of Ukrainian society and its individual citizens, state, national borders, territorial integrity, national market, cultural values from internal and external threats, as a condition of the state, which saves its sovereignty and integrity, and gives a possibility to be independent subject of international relations.

The Party policy is based on the concept of national security, it gives the priority to gradual transformation of Ukraine's national security acts into the component of general security, efforts of the international community aimed on preservation of peace, demilitarization, democratization and humanization of international relations, rather than military factors.

Final provisions

Our program is a program of professionals and pragmatists who know how and what to do for the revival and prosperity of Ukraine.

The Party will improve its forms and methods of its work steadily and confidently, as it understands the responsibility for the past and the future of Ukrainians and Ukraine itself; it will establish the principles of harmonious social partnership, mutual help and solidarity among Ukrainian society.

Ukraine has a difficult historical destiny. Today it stands on a determinant future line, so we will overcome confusion and despair by our own wise, responsible and decisive actions, or we will come down to giant social destructions, to the loss of national independence and will remain on the sidelines of the historical development of civilization.

We realize the responsibility and mission, which is entrusted to us by God and fate, to revive Ukraine and will make efforts to build a way for prosperity of Ukraine by hard-working and serving to high Ukrainian ideals of State, Ukrainians and Honor.

Ukraine should be among the most developed countries in the world!!! The Head of the Ukrainian Party of Pensioners Kukurika M.M.

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